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what once was //event&open


One month to the day that you said that you’d never change…

Nothing had changed. Everything was the same… yet at the same time everything was completely different. Rukia just couldn’t pinpoint how. Though, she wasn’t fazed by it at all. In the back of her mind, she was aware of the month that had passed by. The weather had gone from cool early spring, to the hotter summer-like atmosphere.

The heat made her clothes clung to her body as she walked through Polis, but she made no sign that she was uncomfortable in any way. She was looking for her friends. Or anyone that she knew really. All of Arcadios had changed, and not just the scenery, but the people as well. Some looked panicked, while others showed no emotion at all.

How would her friends be…? Had they died, or had they survived the collars? She sighed and sat down on a bench outside a small shop. Rukia had nothing to but wait for a familiar face to pass by.

Things were different.

One would think the change of seasons would lively up certain parts of Arcadios but that wasn’t the case at all.  Of course, Inoue Orihime was unaware of the events that had unfolded a month ago. During the time of the collars crisis, Orihime was casted under a sleeping spell by an unknown force and had successfully avoided becoming a player of the murderous game. Her nap was indeed a blessing in disguise.

However, the aftermath was nothing to be cheery about. Most people who she had encountered up to now had either looked as if they been through hell and back whiles others…


They had seemed as if they had lost their humanity, their emotions. Some of the citizens had acted as if they were empty hollow shell without a soul of their own.   

Nevertheless, she continued to sneak out a familiar face, any familiar face. She knew the best place to bump into someone was in Polis. With her arrival, she had noticed that the whole attitude of the town itself had also change. The once lively town had now turned into a quiet ghostly town. 

“How depressing.” She muttered softly to herself, slowly giving up whatever hope she had left. But before she turned and headed back towards her village for more answers, her almond colored pool caught sight of a petite yet very feminine ebony haired female sitting in her lonesome near one of the merchant shops. It was Rukia!

Without hesitation, Orihime motioned herself towards the female. 


Guess who’s back.

And she heard there’s been an mess amount of killing going on. 

who needs some TLC and some hime healing power? 

"Aah~ What a wonderful and beautiful morning…"

"Huh…! W—wait; What…"

"According to my handy dandy wrist watch, I’ve been asleep for the past four weeks! How troubling… "

Mercurial World


Tsuchimikado hadn’t been inside the new city for very long. He’d only ventured a little ways away from the doorway that had brought him from Styx to the new location, but the turning of a handle and the creaking of hinges alerted him. He quickly turned around, fearing that something was after him, which wasn’t an impossibility, but soon heard someone call his name, sort of. Once he had fully turned around to face the doorway, his eyes fell onto a girl that he didn’t recognize at first. Without the rain-soaked hair and clothes, he was unable to place the woman at first, but it soon clicked in his head. Inoue Orihime. Considering what an incredible help she’d been to him during the storm that hit Arcadios earlier in the week, he was surprised he hadn’t recognzied her straight away. Relieved that it wasn’t some monster ambushing him, Tsuchimikado rose a hand and waved with a smile as he began walking toward her. “Tsuchimikado,” he corrected. Once he’d made his way over to her, the blonde stopped in front of her, glanced back at the doorway behind her, then brought his sunglasses-shielded eyes back to her. He was surprised that the door brought them to the same location and had a feeling it would do the same for anyone who entered it. “Hey, Inoue.” Still smiling, he shurgged his shoulders lightly. “A huge earthquake happens and the first thing we do is go into an underground cave, right?” A laugh followed, poking fun at their dangerous ideas. Tsuchimikado wasn’t fond of Styx to begin with, and going inside when it could easily collapse on him wasn’t the smartest idea. Still, it had brought them both to this strange city.

Tsuchimikado still didn’t have all of Arcadios down yet, so an entirely new world within that world was  a little hard to take in. As he looked around the city that seemed to be a lot more modern than Polis, he couldn’t help but wonder where they were, or if they’d been transported to some other dimension through those doorways. “I was just getting used to Arcadios, and then this happens. I have no idea where we are nya. I’m surprised to see you, though. At least now I’ll have someone to talk to, since there doesn’t seem to be anyone else here.” He wondered if the main part of Arcadios had been the same way before Sophia had started bringing everyone in from Earth. Once again, he was left without answers.

Startled   by male’s quick reaction to the sounds of her arrival, she found herself itching herself back closer to the door.  But before words could be exchanged and actions could be made, the male had realized that the girl who was standing before was harmless and did not opposed as some sort of threat and only ended up looking curiously at her.  Judging by his curious expression which was displayed across his features caused the girl to shyly look up towards him, forcing her to wonder if he could remember her or not.  However, before she could get insulted by the male’s lack of memories, she assumed that the rain and lighting of that day when they first made caused the girl’s appearance to alter and had made her a bit more… messier looking.  But before she could regain his memories, she noticed a simple hand gesture and a smile coming from the male’s direction. He must have finally recalled her face.


She repeated after him.  Becoming a bit flustered by her honest mistake, she took her eyes off of the male as he approached her and place it elsewhere for the time being.  Starting off in the distance, Orihime slowly started to notice something off about the new location they had found themselves in. The impression the new area gave off felt different than the impression that Arcadios gave off. Despite of all this however, her new surroundings triggered something deep within her memory. It felt familiar, as if she had visit and possibly even lived here at one point. Before she could put her finger on it, she heard her name slipping out through the blonde’s lips. Placing her attention back on the boy, who, oddly enough had been watching her this entire time.  Eyes falling back on to the male, her lips curled into a smile. “Oh!  You remember my name!  How embarrassing…”

“I couldn’t even remember yours.”  She replied as she placed the palm of her hand at the back of her head and nervously rubbed her fingers through her citrus-colored hair. “Hah! Right? Well, considering the last time we’ve met up… I guess I can say that we’re just both fearless individuals.”  As he scanned the city for himself, Orihime continued on to pondering about the new location. The more she thought about it and looked around with her own eyes, the more clearer things were coming back to her. “This is…” She mumbled softly under her breath. “The central district…? How is even that possible…”   Blinking, she placed her glaze back upon the male “Well, I—I … think we are still in Arcadios. I’m not hundred percent sure… but…  this place is really familiar. Too familiar. ” 


    • Who What Where (Prompts)
    • Ask My Character (Ask a question — a character answers IC and can break the fourth wall)
    • Truth or Dare (PLEASE be reasonable and do not send too many. COMPLETE one before answering another! Remember that there is a truth part to it; not just dares)
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Who do you ship Orihime with?

Ugh, I basically ship all the main Orihime pairings because I kinda like them all in their own way and I really don’t care who Orihime ends up with. 

and I kinda ship her with everyone? I’m really indifferent I guess. 

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Can I be one of those people too and ask the dash for a huuuge favor. 

Can you please follow Hiei and help a homie out. 

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